Learning and development - Christchurch and East Dorset Councils


All new staff receive induction training when joining the council. This ensures that they are familiar with our services and policies, and understand the basic responsibilities of their role.

In the first 12 weeks all new staff, with their manager or supervisor, will work through an induction checklist.


Our staff appraisal scheme is a yearly review that, in addition to reviewing staff performance, allows staff to say how they feel their job is best undertaken, with an opportunity to discuss issues that are of concern to them as well as exploring their training and development needs.

Work related training

We support work related training including relevant Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and other developmental courses. Each employee has a responsibility for their own development and should take steps to actively manage their own ongoing learning. This will include attending training that is reasonable and necessary to enable them to carry out their duties and also to identify areas they would like to learn more about.

Work related training opportunities include:

  • Work shadowing
  • Mentoring
  • Non-qualification training – events and conferences
  • In-house courses
  • Vocational training
  • Management and supervisory skills development programmes

Training agreements

There are occasions where there is a need for a training agreement to be entered into. The following information details the circumstances when they are required:

  • The length of the course exceeds 12 months
  • The course fee funding made by the council totals £1000 or more or £500 or more if the employee has requested the training
  • The training leads to a qualification

Because of the significant investment made by the council, staff undertaking training which meets the above criteria will be required to sign a training agreement. This commits them to repay a proportion of the training costs incurred if they leave within a certain period.